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Flö was born from a passion for flowers, essential oils and their distinctive properties, and an interest in cosmetics and natural skincare. Backed by extensive knowledge in herbalism and specialists in skin care, the creators of Flö have been able to combine their expertise to offer you high-quality products that respond to all skin types, while respecting plants, in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Discover our story

For several years, the creators have worked to concoct natural products for the skin with love and care with the flowers they grow in their gardens in Estrie. After several versions and the obvious evolution of the products, they arrived at the desired result and developed the Rose and Rose Geranium , Lavender and Calendula facial serums , as well as Ylang and hazelnut . Each of these serums are suitable for specific skin types and have their unique properties that meet your skin's particular needs.

In order to meet our customers' demand for a Flö product that gently cleanses the skin, Audrey and Geneviève have recently developed the brand new Clary Sage Facial Cleansing Oil .

Each of the products developed is made with 100% natural ingredients to offer all the benefits of flowers and nature to your skin. All ingredients are also active agents that serve to nourish or meet a need of the skin. Unlike many major brands, no unnecessary skin fillers are used in Flö skincare. Each ingredient has a very specific function that meets the different needs of the skin. Ultimately, their mission is to create superior quality products made with the best ingredients and flowers and plants that they grow themselves to ensure quality.

They respect the rhythm of nature for their crops but also in the development of their business.

“Flö” is about respecting the natural rhythm of life. Do not force them
things. Put everything in place so that events happen but without working against the flow to make them happen.

Nature at the service of your skin!

  • 100% Natural

    Our skincare is made with 100% natural and organic products. Nature offers us everything we need to take care of our skin. Carefully chosen, you will benefit from the unique and proven benefits and properties of the flowers and plants found in our products. The essential oils and vegetable oils used are organic. The flowers and plants chosen come from the gardens that we cultivate with love and without pesticides or chemicals.

  • Superior Quality

    We take care to choose the best ingredients that make up our treatments, undenatured or diluted, in order to offer you superior quality products. Our production standards are based on quality and not on a culture of the cheapest product. Our products are made with 100% active ingredients and no filler ingredients. We make sure to offer you a product that exceeds the quality standards encountered in the industry and that will meet your highest expectations.

  • Made in Quebec

    The flowers and plants used in our products are grown in our gardens in Eastern town ship. We also recommend working with Quebec partners and choose our suppliers according to this approach. In addition, the visuals on our bottles are the result of watercolor works by a Sherbrooke artist designed especially for Flö and affixed to our product labels for the greatest pleasure of your eyes.

  • "I bought lavender and calendula and I am delighted. Magical product, I have been using it for over a month and my complexion is luminous and I feel very beautiful. In addition, the product smells so good. I have 42 years old and I have combination skin. - Damaris Reynaldo Cruz

  • "My discovery of the year: Flö ♥️
    Certainly, it will remain my favorite product in my routine to take care of my skin!
    After battling adult acne for over 10 years and trying dozens of products, I can now say: I have beautiful skin! 😍"

    - Karianne Lussier

  • "I started using the Flo serum. It leaves the skin very soft. Having sensitive skin I hesitate to try any new product. I had no problems with Flö. The serum has a nice scent but still pronounced, I prefer to use it in the evening routine." - Martine Tétreault

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