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Facial serum and matching soap duo - Lavender and calendula

Facial serum and matching soap duo - Lavender and calendula

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Here is the perfect duo for dry skin with the Lavender and Calendula serum and its matching soap. This soap, like the serum, is composed of macerated lavender flowers as well as macerated calendula to give the skin restorative and soothing properties for dry skin.

The serum, composed of hemp and jojoba oils, both ideal for nourishing dry skin, helps soften skin that tends to feel tight in cold weather.

In collaboration with Savonnerie des Diligences we have developed a unique formula to combine our new soap with Lavender and Calendula serum. It's the ideal combo to complete your skincare routine and enjoy the delicate aromas of lavender. Enhanced with shea butter which leaves the skin soft and silky, it can be used both on the face and to cleanse the body.


The aromas of these two products smell divine!

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