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Face serum – Rose and Geranium Rosat

Face serum – Rose and Geranium Rosat

Composed of 100% natural ingredients, the Rose and Rosat Geranium facial serum is renowned for its toning and soothing properties for the skin and irritations. This serum reduces redness caused by dryness and evens out skin tone. It is an excellent anti-aging treatment that helps to firm the skin and gives radiance to the complexion. The rose used in this serum promotes a luminous and radiant complexion while helping to even out the complexion. It provides unique softness to the skin and helps protect the skin's natural moisture barrier. Can be used as day and night care, this serum is distinguished by its charming and delicate scent.

The essential oils predominant in this serum stimulate intuition, awaken your creative power and connect you to your deep essence.

This serum is suitable for all skin types.


100% natural and active

Directions : After cleansing your face, place 2 to 5 drops in the palm of your hand. Warm the product slightly between the hands and apply it all over the skin of the face using small, delicate circular movements over the entire surface of the skin. You can also extend the product to the neck. Allow the skin to absorb the product to deeply nourish it.

Ingredients : jojoba oil, camelina oil, macerated rose petals, rose geranium essential oil, damask rose essential oil, white sandalwood essential oil, neroli essential oil, vitamin E.

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100% natural ingredients

100% natural

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