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Facial yoga… what is it?

I have been a yoga fan since I was eighteen. When I heard of the term "facial yoga" in recent years, I have to say that I was a little skeptical. Facial yoga? But what is that ? I had never heard of it in traditional yoga. Is it a new trend? Do you make a static position by opening your mouth and make a face to the right by pulling your left ear and breathing? And then, what is it for?

Despite all my doubts and hesitations about it, I was very curious and interested to learn more about face yoga. In producing Flö natural facial treatments in recent years, I found the link with facial yoga to be interesting, but nothing more. It must be said that I had already naturally adopted techniques to soothe my facial skin by massaging it every day when I applied our skin care. Finally, maybe facial yoga would be more specific and beneficial than I thought? So I decided to learn more about its practice and its effects.

Following my research on the subject, I understood that facial yoga, just like in the philosophy of yoga, has benefits for the body, the heart and the mind. It is a series of manipulations that we do with our hands on the skin of our face. These massage and acupressure, breathing and relaxation movements strengthen the muscles, improve the complexion and soften the skin.

The application of a face oil, such as one of the 100% natural Flö serums for the face, is recommended to perform relaxation or decongestion massages, and thus make the movements softer and more fluid on the skin . As a bonus, our oils provide the benefits of nature to the skin by nourishing it. In addition, you can take advantage of aromatherapy to help you relax or energize depending on the techniques used and the serum chosen.

Personally, I usually do a decongestant massage in the morning. I nourish my skin in my beauty routine with my dose of nature contained in the Rose and Geranium rosat serum . I give a boost to my face and improve its blood circulation, which illuminates my complexion for the day. Then, I choose a soothing massage in the evening with the Lavender and Calendula serum . It allows me to be zen and relaxed before going to bed. Also, depending on my mood, I use the Ylang and hazelnut serum to generate self-confidence and be soothed, morning or evening, according to my desire. It's very much a matter of preference! You can even take just one oil at any time! The important thing is to create our moment of well-being and to take the time for a few moments. Why not create "your Flö moment"!

As I said, just like in traditional yoga, face yoga has benefits for the body, the heart and the mind. Here are a few !

BODY The body has years of facial expressions under its belt and a lot of stress lives in our face. We choose massages, pressure points and facial exercises useful to improve the appearance of the skin of the face and neck. We thus release tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, tone specific muscles while relaxing them and improve posture at the top of the spine. Through all these gestures, facial yoga improves the appearance of the skin, its complexion, its firmness and therefore its health. It's not us who say it, Danielle Collins explains it so well on her site .

SPIRIT Taking time for yourself is great for mental health. As during a meditation, our mind connects to the present moment and to our senses of smell and touch to live an olfactory and sensory experience. Being in the moment and being centered improves the mood. So, when you get up on the wrong foot because you slept badly or feel unwell somewhere, this moment for yourself allows the mind to refocus and focus on a moment of well-being. be.

HEART When we take a little moment for ourselves in all kindness and indulgence, before going to take care of the other people we cherish, and when we anchor ourselves in this moment, our heart thanks us and we feel it . This is also a good time to thank yourself and to infuse a noble intention for the day to come as well as to decide to take actions consistent with this choice. This moment connected to our heart allows us to start the day with a softer inner posture towards ourselves.

Finally, after starting this new habit, I can't live without it. As long as I take 30 seconds to put on my Flö face serum in the morning or in the evening, I accompany this moment with key gestures, an intention in my heart and a state of mind of zenitude. This innocuous beauty routine then becomes a conscious experience! My Flö moment...Love it!

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