Ylang et noisette,  je t’aime ♡

Ylang and hazelnut, I love you ♡

Do any of you love the floral aroma of the ylang ylang flower? This unique aroma that generates softness, femininity and self-confidence?

Our latest 100% natural serum Flö, Ylang and Hazelnut , is ideal for combination to oily skin with its multiple properties for the body and mind. Indeed, customers with oilier skin hesitate to brush their face with oil for fear of perhaps having oilier and congested skin. No worries, we chose the ingredients of this serum carefully because they have several interesting characteristics for these skin types.

First, there is the ylang ylang flower!

This plant provides many benefits for the skin of our face and for our mind. It regulates the skin's sebum production and tightens enlarged pores. It nourishes the skin and makes the complexion luminous. It helps reduce the signs of skin aging, helps with rosacea and relieves eczema. It is even ideal for nourishing hair and restoring shine. This floral aroma comforts and soothes us, and moreover it awakens sensuality and self-confidence. It's not trivial all that in a flower!

Hazelnut oil then?

It is also favored in the Ylang and hazelnut serum for its many well-hidden virtues. This 100% natural and very light vegetable oil easily penetrates the skin of the face, softens it, tones it and leaves no greasy film on the skin. In all, two minutes, and the skin has absorbed all the ingredients. This oil also regulates sebum production on the face of combination to oily skin. The skin therefore does not secrete too much sebum, and becomes less oily than usual. Don't worry, it won't clog pores since it's non-comedogenic. Hazelnut is protective and gives a silky feel to the skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant in this serum with its anti-aging skincare properties. Additionally, the vitamin A inside provides healing properties and helps reduce skin imperfections. Reactive and sensitive skin greatly appreciates this vegetable oil. In addition to this, it helps regulate excess sebum in oily hair, and nourish and moisturize dry hair! Moreover, our hazelnut oil does not have a pronounced aroma, so we don't have the constant impression of being cooking!

These two carefully chosen ingredients, ylang ylang and hazelnut, give our serum a charming scent and many wonderful benefits for our skin.

Comforting and decongestant massages with facial yoga are very effective thanks to this oil. We quickly feel energies of confidence and calm.

** Just a quick reminder: It should still be noted that this serum is obviously not recommended for people with allergies to nuts and hazelnuts.

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