Des ingrédients-clés naturels pour ta peau

Natural key ingredients for your skin

Rose and Geranium Rosat face serum

Jojoba, we love this plant!

Do you wonder what we put as natural ingredients in these precious serums? I'm talking to you today about a few essential ingredients, including jojoba oil, a key ingredient in our three 100% natural face serums .

When we first heard about this plant a very long time ago, we were won over by its versatility! Jojoba oil has the interesting particularity of having a composition that is very similar to the sebum naturally secreted by human skin. Our skin accepts and adopts all its natural benefits gently! We love this oil which goes particularly well with all skin types (dry skin, normal skin, combination or oily skin, and even mature skin). No favoritism! This oil deeply protects and nourishes the skin of the face. It is adopted for its preservation of the natural hydration of the skin. It also keeps the skin supple and hydrated, and lightly firms it. As a result, it prevents wrinkles and dry skin.

Why macerate plants in vegetable oil?

A macerated plant carefully chosen from my garden for our precious face serums: the rose . But why macerate it in a quality oil? The rose has properties very appreciated by our skin! It helps to tone, regenerate and give radiance to the skin. The maceration of its petals allows to extract and confer its beneficial properties and vitamins A, C, D and E naturally in the oil. When we then apply this oil to our face and neck, we restore all the benefits of the chosen plants to our skin with a unique softness. You literally get nature on your skin! In addition, the charming and delicate scents of Flö skin serums calm and provide an aromatic moment to start and end your day. These are also good times to connect with yourself, breathe for a few moments and practice facial yoga .

Camelina, is it local?!

This little-known plant is increasingly cultivated in Quebec and its harvested seeds are cold pressed to obtain camelina oil. Yet it has existed in Europe for more than 3000 years! The one we use in our serums is a local Quebec product.

We love this 100% natural and organic oil in our Rose and Geranium Rosat serum mainly for its smell as well as for the many antioxidants it contains and provides to our skin. Indeed, its vitamin E preserves the beauty of your skin by slowing down the premature aging of its cells. It is very light in addition, is soothing for more sensitive skin and it does not leave any greasy film on your skin! It has a woody smell reminiscent of the fresh smell of clipped grass. Close your eyes and you find yourself in the middle of nature!

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