Pourquoi une huile pour nettoyer ta peau en douceur?  Petite histoire courte du savon.

Why use an oil to gently cleanse your skin? Little short history of soap.

In the West, we have been accustomed since the 1950s to using synthetic soaps to wash ourselves. Mass production was indeed very useful and inexpensive in large cities. However, in the history of Europe and the first civilizations, different peoples used different soaps composed only of natural ingredients, including vegetable oils. Many companies are returning to handmade soap recipes that do not contain synthetic surfactants, because synthetic soaps unfortunately dry out our skin. Out of habit, we associate this feeling of drying with the word “cleanliness”. In this text, I explain to you why Flö chose to create a facial cleansing oil rather than a soap.

First imagine that you do manual work and your hands are very dirty with encrusted dirt after a day of work. With soap, you will rub for a long time to remove greasy stains. You will irritate your hands and choose powerful products to clean the skin. On the other hand, if you wash your hands with vegetable oil, you will easily extract grease stains, without tearing your skin. It's fighting fat with fat!

With a facial cleansing oil, it's the same principle. Sun cream, perspiration, sebum congestion on the skin pores, external dust, everything is removed simply and effectively with a cleansing oil, without irritating the facial skin which is locally so sensitive. An oil helps to clean gently, while subsequently helping to protect fabrics when rinsed with water.

Flö Clary Sage Cleansing Oil has a fresh, woody scent that provides a feeling of serenity and cleanliness thanks to its essential oils. It helps reduce excess sebum and acne, is healing and antibacterial. When removed with water, it leaves a protective, non-greasy layer, keeping the skin supple, without feeling tight because it remains well nourished. Moreover, the sensations of freshness and softness are very appreciated after cleansing the skin with our clary sage facial cleansing oil. It is also used to remove makeup from the face and eyes and to remove mascara from the eyelashes, with its gentle and effective ingredients to remove impurities. It is very gentle on the eyes, even the most sensitive. Finally, we like to use a small amount on the hair before shampooing! It nourishes the root to prevent hair loss and it also serves to reduce dandruff.

The clary sage in this cleansing oil has properties that calm and soothe the skin and mind. It is antibacterial and helps heal irritated skin. It is very useful for regulating the quantity of sebum. It dislodges sweat from skin pores and regulates blood circulation, which is beneficial for the face to avoid congestion. Younger skin can also use this cleansing oil as a complete treatment given its multiple properties!

In short, it is a 3 in 1 cleansing product. It cleans, removes makeup and moisturizes the skin! We love its smell and its properties! I hope you love it as much as we do! 😊

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