Dans ton flow

Flö is also a way of life. Let's see its meaning!

Have you ever heard the expression about being in flow? The flow of life, the flow in a team, the flow in yoga class, the waves, in the waves of the sea,… Flö, it flows. It's fluid and natural.

When we use this word in English, whether in dictionaries or research texts, flow brings to mind all of these concepts at once.

I explain to you. The state of flow is a mental state reached by a person when they find themselves completely absorbed in what they are doing, totally motivated and satisfied. Being in flow is a moment during which we feel gratitude for what we are experiencing and full commitment to its accomplishment. We do not see the time passing ! We are completely in “our zone”, in a state of grace.

By being fully in the present moment, we can experience beautiful sensory experiences that we wouldn't have bothered to feel when everything is moving too quickly. This immersion in the present moment is an effective recipe for feeling alive and connected!

For my part, I like to smell lilacs in the morning on the way to school. It lasts a few seconds, but it's a Flö moment for me. I also like to give myself a little massage with my facial serum, breathing deeply. Another Flö moment! Whether practicing a sport, an artistic activity or having coffee with a loved one, we can feel in the flow, and lose track of time...

Flow is also the natural rhythm of life. Don't force things. Put everything in place so that events happen but without working against the flow to make them happen.

Being entrepreneurs in the field of natural skin care, we are fully invested in our project and in the flow of our life! Moments of creation, exchanges with inspiring people in public markets, moments of production, fluid actions and common objectives. We know the flow of the group! And that's super important to us. It is also important to respect and integrate flow through our professional life, the business, but also and above all our personal and family life. It is the goal to achieve balance and harmony in all spheres that Flö touches!

And finally, why Flö?

For the flow of nature, the flow of life, our team flow, the blooms (obviously!) and the gratitude we have for this project which has become a business.

Yes, yes, we deliberately chose to put an “ö” umlaut in the word Flö, for several reasons. The first is that we wanted to ensure we always kept a link with the French language which is our mother tongue, and which we cherish. Accents are very present in our language and we wanted to give a nod to it, especially the day our serums would be sold elsewhere in the world. In addition, the diaeresis is an accent reminiscent of the Nordic countries, of which Canada is a part. On the international scene, the names of French-speaking companies generally evoke luxury, quality and recall the grace that the French have and their exceptional way of taking care of themselves. Finally, the “ö” reminds us that there are two of us. Two dots on the “o” which refer to the founders of this project, Audrey and Geneviève.

And no, we don't want to disappoint you, but neither of us is named Florence! Hi! hi! 😉

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