4 suggestions d’utilisation du sérum Lavande et Calendule et ses multifonctions

4 suggestions for using the Lavender and Calendula serum and its multifunctions

Ahh…! Lavender. A smell that we like or that we don't like, it seems! We are among those who LOVE this plant! She is sooo soft and so versatile!

Lavender abounds in our gardens and it inspired us to concoct the 100% natural Lavender and Calendula face serum thanks to its healing and regenerative properties. This plant is ideal as day and evening care for dry, mature skin and for special skin conditions such as eczema. Oh yes! Its effects on the skin are magical! I even routinely put the Lavender and Calendula serum on my oldest daughter's eczema patches and it heals effectively!

As for it, the organic calendula from our gardens has a direct effect against the drying out of the skin. This flower will gently nourish, repair and protect the skin. Its antioxidant properties slow down the premature aging of cells, while soothing, healing and regenerating the skin.

The combination of these two flowers in high quality oils makes the Lavender and Calendula serum an excellent treatment for skin with special conditions that needs to be soothed, nourished and healed, while serving as the perfect anti-aging treatment.

If you don't have mature or dry skin, this serum is still very useful and versatile for protecting the skin and relieving it from external aggressions. We have often been told this winter how much it is appreciated: so effective both when skiing and after a day in the sun! Here are some other functions of using the serum.

1. Seasonal changes

It is used to protect our skin during the change of seasons with the cooling of the air in autumn, as well as in winter sports with the cold and intense winds of Quebec.

Our skin in changing seasons requires time to adapt to tame the drying caused by indoor heating and air conditioning, as well as the aggressions caused by the wind, the sun or even pollution which becomes more present during periods. smog and present in large cities. The Lavender and Calendula serum made from oil creates a protective barrier for the skin, in particular to preserve the hydration of the skin, but also to protect the skin against the external aggressions to which it may be exposed, summer and winter.

2. I like the sun, but aouch!

During our adventure in Costa Rica this winter, I brought this serum to prepare our skin for the climatic shock of 70 degrees difference between the two regions! The sun and the change in temperature were irritating to the skin of our daughters, even when protected by sunscreen. A few drops of this serum on a sunburn or irritated skin (like eczema) to soothe it at the end of the day, and presto! The skin becomes beautiful and luminous again!

Even in winter... when doing winter sports, we neglect the impact and the force of the sun which is also present and which is amplified by the reflection on the snow. A nourishing and soothing serum is ideal for helping the skin to regenerate.

3.First aid emergency kit

We even treated the wasp sting of my youngest while traveling. After cleaning the bite, a small drop a day of the Lavender and Calendula serum on the bite was enough to relieve, soothe and heal the skin.

4. Zen attitude and restful sleep

In addition to its powerful skin-healing properties, its aroma has soothing and nervous system-regulating benefits by relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia. Exactly, my oldest loves to put a drop in the neck before falling asleep. Great multifunction!

A small dose of lavender and calendula with multiple functions, so practical!

You now understand why we love it so much and why we bring it everywhere with us! 😉

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